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The Observer

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I am the observer observing the observation

Ego doesn't exist here

From this view, I am able to see all,

Hate, love, anger, joy, and fear.

I can see what is happening, and I watch it take place.

I can see what we are doing to our humanity, our planet, the human race.

When the human gets mad, something boils inside; there isn't a healing that takes place; it's often hate and pride.

Do you know how cancer starts? It's when something doesn't die when it's time.

Everything has it's life cycle and things we must let go.

For some, it happens fast; for others, it's slow.

When we don't let go,

Something infectious - it grows deep within from inside.

Some come out to play - some run and hide.

I am the observer observing the observation.

Come quick, take a look; most of what we believe is gifted, and there's always a hook.

If harboring anger worked, our problems would be solved.

Yet it does the opposite, and hope and change it dissolves.

We think we are making a difference - we convinced ourselves so

Yet, with a heavily medicated, over-anxious being, we continue to sow

Sow seeds that are poison have little nutrition and taste.

Seeds that won't yield change for the whole human race.

Ego has got us, but we won't admit it - we fear that true change won't be worth it.

That it will be anticlimactic.

So we wade in the waters all covered in shit; we wade in the waters and invite others in it.

Tupac once said, change the way we eat, change the way we live, change the way we treat each other.

We're too busy staying the same to have any change to give.

I am the observer observing the observation; I have nothing to gain

As I watch the momentum go on, this runaway train

I see the light come in, and ego quickly shuts it out.

I see the light come in, and you quickly suck it out.

You say you want equality and things to be fair.

Equality is relative and is subjective to the one who is there

Life isn't designed with fairness in mind

It's all about balance - even time is divine

What we've been facing is ancient; it's been here a while

It's the same type of outfit, just a different style.

I am the observer observing the observation

I can offer you hope.

Yet, ego reacts angrily, and it's always a nope.

I try and teach you something new, but you don't get it, you don't see.

You're wrapped up in what you believe and discredit your knowing.

You are having a human experience - its easy to forget

This human experience is hard and can create some conflict

But I tell you this - everything you've asked has been given.

Everything you need is here to really start livin'

You thought it was in material things, and you don't have it half wrong

But it's in the non-material where things are created

Where you get chills from a song

I want to help guide your mind; I really do.

But as the observer observing the observation

This is something only you can do.


By Charisse Fontes

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